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Introduction to LaTeX

Instructor: Patrick McLeod

Web Links for LaTeX and TeX:

The LaTex Project Home Page : This is the website for the LaTeX project. Notes and information on pending development, implementation, and frequently asked questions can be found in these pages.

TeX Users Group (TUG) : International group of TeX users and developers that, along with the GNU Project, drives implementation and innovation in TeX.

MikTeX : An extremely thorough and well-maintained complete TeX implementation for any x86 based system.

AucTeX : AucTeX is an integrated TeX and LaTeX environment for use the the the Emacs and Xemacs editors.

TeTex : TeTeX is a TeX distribution for use on unix and linux systems. It's fairly simple to install and has very few bugs.

AMS-LaTeX : The American Mathematical Society's extension of the LaTeX package. Very nice to have if you are running LaTeX for your TeX processing needs.

ConTeXt : An advanced document preparation tool based on TeX and XML.

TeXinfo : TeXinfo is the GNU Project's official documentation format based on the TeX language.

Metafont : Font design system that supports the creation of entire families of fonts from a set of dimensional parameters and outline descriptions.

GNU Project : Homepage for the GNU Project. If you are going to work extensively in TeX, it would be helpful to better understand the GNU Project and its goals since you will be using a good bit of their material.

The Not-So-Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e : The best resource to begin your LaTeX education.

Dr. A.J. Hildebrand's TeX Resources, University of Illinois Math Department.


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