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LaTeX2HTML Home Page

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This page represents the top or home page for materials detailing the installation of LaTeX2HTML on a Windows (32-bit) XP machine. Persistent (UNT local) links are provided in the documents below for each piece of software needed for the install.

Update Apr. 15, 2011: All the procedures discussed in the materials below also work with Windows 7 (64-bit); with minor modifications to the instructions specifically referring to the file path structures which reflect differences between XP and 7.

The Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) version of the tutorial:


The LaTeX2HTML installation tutorial page (one long page [no section subdivisions]):


The LaTeX2HTML installation tutorial pages (many pages [w/section subsection pages]):


Computing and Information Technology Center Benchmarks article version of the tutorial:

     Benchmarks Article for LaTeX2HTML Installation

The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network 

The TeX Users Group (TUG) home page.



The LaTeX2HTML home page.

Leon van Dommelen's comprehensive site for LaTeX2HTML

Leon van Dommelen's list of problems (most with solutions) as an appendix to the site above

Nasser M. Abbasi's very informative notes on installing LaTeX2HTML



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