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Datasets and Code

Here goes everything else.  You will find something worth looking into.

Psych Related

UNT Psych
Psychonomic Society
Psych Classics
History of Psych blog

Class Related

Statistical Info (General)

Statnotes: an online stats text
Visual Statistics
Wikipedia entry: Monty Hall Problem
Journal of "Nonsignificance"
Journal of Spurious Correlations
Annals of Improbable Research
How to write about numbers
Dr. Weunsch's website.  A nice resource for the things we cover.
Link to 5710, 6810
Bad Science: Stuff you'll be able to spot more easily after this course.
Open Source alternatives for research handout. 

Programs and sims

Lane's stat dictionary and applets
Power Applet
R, R-commander
Let's make a deal
Berger's p-value applet
ESCI (confidence interval stuff from Cumming)
Online effect size calculator
Psy program for effect sizes
Various applets (more on his main webpage)
PSPP: a simple freeware version of SPSS, in its early stages
OpenStat: Free gui-based stat program
Sampling Distribution of Mean and Median sim

Slashdot: as the name says, 'news for nerds'
Edge:  While you'll see some big names in many disciplines, you'll also find the most interesting psychology (in my opinion) is done by people in other fields.  In general though, just a collection of smart people and intelligent discussion.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosopher's Magazine: the games are fun and make you think.
The Giant's Shoulders: Classic science papers
Science blog at the NY times.