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SAS Programming Workshop II - Exercise

Creation date: 10/27/1999
Author: Karl Ho

1. Download the files from the download page and put files to the c:\temp directory

2. *Open and create two new categorical variables with three categories, low(1), medium(2) and high(3) using the current POPULATE and GNP variables.  Hints:

IF GNP GE 20000 THEN DOD2 = '3';

ELSE IF 10000 < GNP < 20000 THEN DOD2='2';

ELSE DOD2='1';

** How do you determine the three categories represent equal share of cases?

3. ** Show the table (using syntax or viewtable) of those countries with high population and low national income.

4. *** Run a regression model using the military expenditure (MILEXP) as the dependent variable and population and GNP (GNP) as independent variables.  Is there a potential problem in the model?


* indicates level of difficulty


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