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Creation date: 06/22/98
Authored by: Karl Ho

Instructions on Using UNT ftp server

Using WS-FTP (Windows Users)

1. To setup WS_FTP for UNT ftp, refer to the screen shot below:


To upload file, select file on the left panel, which is the local host or local drive(s), and on the upper right panel choose incoming and click the right arrow between the two panels.  Note that the incoming directory is invisible (read protect) so you can't see the files there.  Also, once you upload the file, you can't do it again since the same file is already write-protected.  You need to rename the file for another submission.

To download a file, you need to know the name of the file.  Click on the left arrow.  A dialog box will pop up and requests the name of the file being downloaded.  Type in the file name and click okay and the transmission will be done.

For all transmission, users should be aware of the format of the file, i.e. whether it is binary or ASCII.  All the zipped files are binary while the .txt files are in ASCII format.

Using FTP in Command Mode

The following gives the instructions on using the command mode to upload or download files to or from the UNT ftp server.


1. To upload file to the University of North Texas ftp site, use anonymous ftp
to create an ftp connection.  At the system prompt (on CMS, Unix or
DOS), type:


At the Username: prompt, type:


At the Password: prompt, type in your E-mail address (eg.

Once you are logged in, you can use some simple commands to obtain
the files you want. You can find a list of these commands at the end
of this message.

2. To upload file, you need to go to a subdirectory called
"incoming". Type

cd incoming

3. Now determine the file type, i.e. ASCII or binary.  For the
former, the command is just ascii. For binary, type bin.

Then you can upload the file. Type:

put filename.extension

Extension is optional.  If you have multiple files to be uploaded,
the command is:

mput file*.*

The use of wildcards * or ? is identical to the practice in DOS.

4. To leave ftp, just type:



The procedures for downloading is as follows:

1. Log in to the ftp site using anonymous as mentioned above.
2. Change directory to incoming by:

cd incoming

3. Note that the filenames will *not* show.  So you need to get the
filename(s) of the files to be downloaded.  You need to get this
information from the sender.

The following list some of the basic commands:

  - help - get help manual
 - cd  - change directory
 - get - download files from host (mainframe) to local system (PC)
 - put - upload files to host (mainframe) from local system (PC)
 - mget - multiple file download
 - mput - multiple file upload
 - bin - change file type to binary
 - ascii - change file type to ascii
 - quit - exit


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