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Research & Statistical Support

Free Software

  • R: see the R page
  • S-Plus Student Edition - This version of S-Plus has a 20,000 cell or 1,000 row limitation; is only for educational use; is good for only one year; and is a rather large download (100+ meg) - Windows OS
  • Free Graphical Modeling Software (similar to SEM)
  • S-Plus Research Libraries - Includes: S+CorrelatedData (mixed effects generalized linear models), S+Best (B-Spline methods), S+Resample (bootstrap library), S+Bayes (bayesian analysis), S+FDA (functional data analysis). 
  • G*Power (power analyses, effect size, sample size calculations)
  • R2 & NDC - Software for non-central confidence intervals (now incorporated into the MBESS package for R)
  • Non-central CI's - SAS, SPSS, S-Plus/R scripts for non-central confidence interval computation
  • WinBugs (Bayesian analyses ) - Windows, Linux, Unix OS
  • OpenBugs (Open Source project based on WinBugs)
  • Octave (comprehensive statistical package akin to Matlab) - Linux, Unix OS
  • Quantian Project - Quantian is a re-mastering of Knoppix, the self-configuring and directly bootable cdrom/dvd that turns any pc or laptop into a full-featured Linux workstation. Quantian differs from Knoppix by adding a large number of programs of interest to applied or theoretical workers in quantitative or data-driven fields.
  • Gretl - Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library; with R accessability
  • DAP: statistics and graphics package based on C
  • Openstat (performs basic and even multivariate stats with GUI interface) - Windows OS, C++ Source files

Here is a website with an extensive list of free and demo statistical software.

Here is an older RSS Matters article outlining various statistical resources


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